Videoclip teasers

We've posted 2 teasers for the upcoming videoclip for the song "Vault" from our upcoming album "OBEY". Check em out!

Kickstarter successfully ended

Our OBEY kickstarter has ended and we're psyched about the result! Thanks to you fine people we've raised over 3400 euros. We'll put them to good use and start the production of the OBEY vinyls and CDs this week.

If you've backed our project, we'll be in touch very soon about your requested rewards.

Thank you all so much for your support. It helps us fund our heaviness, but simply makes us feel good too. Cheers!

Let's celebrate with a final video:

Kickstarter goal reached!

Oh yes! We've passed our 3000 euro Kickstarter goal! A huge thanks to all our backers, we can now finince the production of the OBEY vinyl and CD's

The project still has 7 days to go. So please keep preordering our awesome stuff. Excess funds will help us fund a videoclip, backdrop, stickers and more cool goodies.

Check out the update video:

Almost at 2/3rd of our OBEY Kickstarter. Oh yes!

Our OBEY album Kickstarter is doing it's thing just fine. At this time we're nearly at 2000 out of 3000 euro's. Thank you! If you haven't supported our project yet, please do, It helps us out a lot!

We've posted 2 video updates in the mean time:

1/3rd of our kickstarter goal reached within 2 days!

Well that's a humbling experience. You awesome awesome people backed 1/3rd of our 3000 euro goal in just 2 days!

We freakin' love you all! (In a very manly way of course...) THANK YOU!

Not backing the project yet? Go over to the Kickstarter project page now!

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